Get 7 assorted Liteblades® 

This kit is a good start to build upon.

*The colors are created with filters on the lightened or on the Liteblade. Filters sold separately here: 

** "Scratched" version has some minor visible paint scratch. This is only cosmetic and will not impact your light-painting images, NOTE: it does include the pressure plate.

***Some blades are new (never used), some could have signs of being thrown around.

Liteblades, a new generation of light painting tools made to create rich textures and light patterns. Created for the Klarus lights to get the maximum power of Lumens. Specially designed for all sorts of light painting including light graffiti, portrait, freestyle, and katas.

Dust and scratches are not included but encouraged! The Liteblades keep getting better with wear and tear. Feel free to modify at will. See how to do the milky effect here:

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