-High-quality colour gelatine filter pack.

-Perfect size for Liteblades and Klarus lights. 

-Amazing range of colours

* I recommend getting two packs. One to cut out circles the size of the lamp diameter. The other to keep in full rectangles to put under or around the blade uncut.



Surface Coated Polyester

e-colour+ filters are manufactured using optically clear PET polyester film that is coated with a flame retardant and dye solution to a precisely controlled thickness. The carrier solvent is baked off leaving a stable coating bonded to the substrate. Each e-colour+ filter features advanced dye technology and is manufactured through a precisely controlled coating process utilizing the latest in dye and polymer technology. As a result, e-colour+ filters equal or exceed the performance of other competing surface coated brands of colour filter.


Wide Range of Color Correction Filters

Thanks to popular filters such as 201 CTB and 205 ½ CTO, the E-Colour+ filter range offers filmmakers and photographers the color-correctors they need to balance their light. The range includes a full range of CTB, CTO and CTS Straw filters for lowering and raising color temperature, Plus and Minus Green filters for balancing to fluorescent, LED and industrial arc-sources, and a range of Neutral Density (ND) filters that reduce light-output without shifting color.


Popular Range of Diffusion Filters

The diffusions that filmmakers use the most are known by number, most notably 216, 250 and 251. These popular White Diffusion materials can be found inside e-colour+ along with over 25 additional diffusion materials that allow filmmakers and photographers to alter the size, shape, and intensity of their light, thus allowing them to change the contrast ratio, along with the highlights & shadows in their image.


Cosmetic Filters

This small range of eight filters is designed to modify, enhance and highlight skin tones. These subtle colors have just a kiss of diffusion, making them particularly useful for filmmakers and photographers to add natural beauty to their talent without overly-affecting the color of the entire scene. Most of the e-colour+ Cosmetic Filters are designed to match, blend and enhance common skin tones as they mask undesirable undertones. These filters are fantastic for reducing blotchy areas and blemishes, reducing post-production and touchup time after the shoot.


Base:                                      Polyester (PET)

Gauge:                                   3.0 mil (.003" or 75 micron) nominal

Flame Retardant Rating:        BS3944 PART 1 1992

Compliance:                           RoHS, REACH

Temp:                                     Softening: 257°F (125° C)

                                               Melting:  572°F (300° C)


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