This journey began in Montreal Canada in 2011 when light painter Patrick Rochon decided to make 3-dimensional light painting tools that would make voluminous traces of light. It took two more years to name the tools, open an online store, and share his discovery with the light-painting community worldwide. So in 2013, Liteblade® was officially born.

Since then, light blades have been spreading everywhere, influencing many by creating this new culture and becoming one of the main basic tools for light painters globally. 

To quote Sergey B. Churkin, head of the Light Painting World Alliance, "Patrick has made a marvellous impact on the light painting world through the creation of his signature light painting tools, “Liteblades”. Light painters have shown a radical interest in these quality tools, as almost every 2nd light painting image in the world is created using his innovative technology".

Thank you Sergey for everything and thank you to the whole community for spreading the light the way you do!

 Link to the Light Painting World Alliance: lpwalliance.com


Manifesto 2011:

LIGHT PAINTING MANIFESTO from Patrick Rochon on Vimeo.


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