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Learn how to create beautiful works of art straight out of your camera with this inspiring Light Painting workshop taught by the professional light painter, Patrick Rochon. 8 hours of free content.

DESCRIPTION: In 2013, Montreal-based light painter, Patrick Rochon, stopped by the Learnster Studio in Ontario Canada, to teach a two-day workshop on light painting. Although he has spent the past 20 years mastering the art of painting with the light he truly believes that anyone with access to the right tools and some imagination can become an artist in their own right. During this workshop, Patrick demonstrates a huge variety and lights and tools that he has collected over the years and how to modify them to get the effect you are looking for. He also teaches us the importance of movement, from the fluidity to the speed, and how to adjust your own movement to create completely different effects. For him, it is all about letting go and learning to trust yourself and to go with the flow and feel the energy in order to create beautiful organic images, in the moment, straight out of the camera.


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