The (Patent Pending) KYO TUBE attachment allows you to hold one or two TUBES (T8 + T12) and offers many DIY possibilities.

Compatible with the XT11, XT11GT, XT11S, XT12, XT12S and RS11.

NEW: See the NeedleLights, made for the KYO TUBE. 

* TUBES sold separately HERE.  (please check out the compatibility chart)

** Light sold separately:

 *** Spare replacement parts sold here:

Hey! This KYO TUBE works with most of Jason's Light Painting Brushes tools and also some of Denis Smith's tools.

The AMERICAN T8 & T12 have a different circumference than the EUROPEAN T8 & T12. Please check yours to make sure it fits. The TUBE Dimensions here below:
Top INNER circumference: 31.53mm, Bottom: 31.30mm.
Top OUTER circumference: 40.98mm, Bottom: 41.30mm.


• Dual tube attachment system with the option of holding one or two tubes T8+T12.
• Angle friction fit, designed to grip the tubes in place.
• DIY attachment made so you can create your custom tools.
• Inside fits and holds objects ranging from 15mm to 31mm (0.59 to 1.22 inch)
• Solid design for the most intensive light painting.
• Built with aircraft-grade aluminum weighing only 128 grams.
• Rotating head to align to the side button giving users the needed angle for specific light painting.
• Designed for the Klarus 
XT11, XT11S, XT11GT, XT12, XT12S, XT12GT, RS11.

Free 4K wallpaper with tools & effects, download here CLiCK!

 Video created with the system: 

 Deeper into the story on the Liteblade blog here: 


Warranty: The Liteblades® products are under warranty for 2 years against defect in materials and workmanship. 

Created by Patrick Rochon.

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