BOLD+ART KIT 24 / Kata Blade


The BOLD+ART KIT consists of 2 copies of the 6 BOLD & the 6 ART KATA BLADES for a total of 24 items.

BOLD is softer, elegant, brighter, has excellent gradation with beautiful highlights. ART is darker, chaotic, surprising and texturally more aggressive. 

These new engraved tools are now offering Dual Texture Effect while considering the Weight Distribution Point of the blade for movement throw and movement influence.

The KATA BLADES are inspired by martial art weapons from various historical world cultures.

Designed with freestyle light painting in mind; these kata blades will influence your movements based on weight distribution so they will move differently in hand.

For example, the KUNAI and the GADA are mid-heavy blades at 68grams each, but the weight focal point is located differently.

The KUNAI is faster since the weight point is closer to your light, and its movement stays closer to your arm. The GADA has its weight distributed all the way at the top, so it pulls your motions away from your body and opens you up to a very different result.

This also depends on the positioning of the blades in the KYO. They have been designed to place in any position you like, changing the weight and movement they create. As you can see in the video, blades can be used in many creative positions and designed to be used in pairs.

One of the highlights of this design is the contrast between the softness of the white engravings and the sharpness of the outer edges. It gives the impressions of soft and sharp focus, in the same light painting. We call it Dual Texture Effect.

In brief, the main composition elements are the 6 shapes, the 12 different engravings giving the Dual Texture Effect, the Weight Distribution Point and the Creative Positioning of the blade on the KYO system. Combined with colour filters, these elements offer infinite possibilities for you to explore, find your creative style and keep uncovering new magic with light.

Designed to be used as twin pairs… But follow your feelings above all!


Designed and tested by Patrick Rochon.

*Dust and scratches are not included but encouraged! The Liteblades keep getting better with wear and tear. 

**Light and KYO attachment sold separately. 

 !! Warning: The Blade tip can be sharp. DO NOT use near peoples eyes or sensitive area. DO NOT let small children handle it.


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