For all Liteblades:

Attach the long nose bezel on the base of the Liteblade but, be careful to not use the strong side of the hex key (Allen key).

*If you apply to much force it could crack the black ring.



Once attached,  you can easily screw the Liteblade on the Klarus light.


*Remove the clear plastic protector around the battery before using.

*Klarus Lights are waterproof, make sure to tighten the head and body tightly before using it to ensure water seal and contact with the battery.

*When your light is flickering abnormally, it usually means the battery is low.

*The Klarus lights have different button interfaces and functions, please read the instructions included with your light.




TIPS & TRICKS: A few things to know about the Liteblades.

1- The end of the Klarus light and the base of the Liteblade, is left open on purpose. It creates hi-lights splashes when you move it towards the lens to make beautiful effects.

You can close it partially of fully with black tape depending on the result you want.


2- Mixing different colour gels works great with the blades. I sometimes mix three to twelve different colours.

Pre cut some round shape colour gels filters to put under the silver bezel, it makes changing colours quick and easy.


3- Sometimes I use white vinyl transfer tape on the blade to get a milky trail effect. (The same type of sticky paper that protects the blades when you first receive them.)


4- Dust and scratches on the Liteblades makes great effects, it creates textures. They only get better with time and usage as they are getting more and more used.

If ever your blade is to scratched and you want to change the effect, you can sand it with a fine sanding paper and get a permanent milky trail effect.

The Liteblades are made to be modified, transforment, explored in many ways. Feel free to post your ideas and results on the Facebook Liteblades page and have fun with light painting.