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The Liteblade® WINGMAN (round bottom) is a large and smooth tool. Its shape does very wide trails with nice curves. It's great for abstracts, light graffiti, light painting kata and creating backgrounds. It's made for slow wide movements and covers lot's of space with one motion.

The round bottom allows you to tild the blades right or left on the KYO base for different creative light effects. 


*The Kyo attachement is sold seperatly:

**Light is sold separately. Compatible with Klarus XT11, XT11GT, XT11S, XT12, XT12S and RS11

***The colours are created with filters on the lightened or on the Liteblade. Filters sold separately here: 

****Dust and scratches are not included but encouraged! The Liteblades keep getting better with wear and tear. Feel free to modify at will. See how to do the milky effect here:


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Warranty: The Liteblades products are under warranty for 2 years against defect in materials and workmanship.
The acrylic blade is not protected against scratches or breaks from hits or drops.

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5 Stars
Wingman blade

I am in love with this new blade after trying it last night in the back yard. The surface area is very large, so the brush on the canvas for light painting is more than I've experienced in the past. I am extremely happy with my purchase and will be ordering more blades in the future!