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The Liteblade® GODSPEED is a quick, lightweight tool with a bright sharp tip. Great for light painting katas, light graffiti and portraits. It's the fastest tool from the Liteblades series and allows full speed light painting.


*Light torch sold separately. Compatible with Klarus XT11, XT11S, XT11GT, XT12 or RS11.

*The colours are added with filters on the lightened or on the Liteblade. Filters sold separately here:

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Warranty: The Liteblades products are under warranty for 2 years against defects in materials and workmanship.
The acrylic blade is not protected against scratches or breaks from hits or drops.

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5 Stars

There is something sexy about the shape of this blade that makes it one of my favorites. It was the first blade I bought from Patrick Rochon and continues to bring me happiness every time I use it! Thank you, Patrick!